Frequently Asked Questions About Learning Internet Marketing - and the Answers

Q: There are so many people pitching "get rich quick on the Internet" today, it's overwhelming. How do I choose the right guru to learn from?

A: I agree: there's information overload in the "make money on the Internet" space today. That's why I created - to give you my short list of the ones to start with. These are the folks I know, either personally or by reputation, that deliver good value and know what they are talking about. If someone's not on this list, then I am not currently recommending them or their program.

Q: So are you saying I should buy every program the directory links to?

A: Not at all. In fact, one way NOT to make money on the Internet is to become just a student of Internet marketing instead of a doer of Internet marketing.

Go through the listings. Pick one or two programs to review. Try them and see if they work for you.

Q: How do I avoid getting ripped off by "make money on the Internet" marketing scams?

A: The people listed on all have good reputations. But before you buy their products, read the sales copy carefully and make certain there is an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. That way, if their program is not for you, you can return it and get all your money back. So you risk nothing to try them.

Q: How do I choose which gurus to start witih?

A: Again, read the sales copy on their page. If the style and tone of the copy resonates with you, and makes you feel comfortable and confident, that's probably the guru you want to learn from.

On the other hand, if their style and approach to Internet marketing is distasteful or uncomfortable to you, you probably do not want to learn from them. Instead, you should learn only from Internet marketers whose methods you like and would feel comfortable emulating.

Q: What's a good place to start learning to make money selling information products online?

A: E-books are the easiest information product to create and start marketing online, and you can get my program on e-book marketing for under $20 here:

Also, you can get a lot of good information for free by going to the web sites of the Internet marketing gurus listed on and reading their free content - articles, free reports, blogs, and e-newsletters.

Q: The Internet is already overcrowded with information marketers. Am I too late to get in?

A: No, but you should pick a narrow, specific niche that isn't overdone. For example, stay away from selling how-to information on Internet marketing - that niche is already crowded with experts who have a better track record than you do.

Instead, consider selecting a niche related to your job experience, skills, activities, or hobbies. Joan Stewart makes a fabulous living teaching public relations online. Nick Usborne has a profitable site on how to enjoy coffee. And see my site for a hobbyist site.